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Cookie files play a vital role on the website, which offers a comprehensive platform for comparing credit options in the Philippines. They are utilized to store information about the credit products viewed by users and to deliver personalized recommendations based on their browsing data. 

Purposes of utilizing cookies 

Cookies on serve various purposes, including: 

  • Storage of user settings: Cookies retain user preferences, such as language selection for displaying credit information. This ensures that the chosen settings are saved and remain intact during subsequent visits to the website. 
  • Personalized recommendations: By analyzing a user's previous browsing activity, cookies enable the provision of tailored recommendations on suitable credit products. This feature helps users find options aligned with their specific requirements. 
  • Website analytics and improvement: Cookies facilitate the collection of valuable data on user interactions with the site. This information aids in enhancing the website's functionality and usability, ensuring a seamless browsing experience. 
  • Advertising and marketing: Cookies contribute to displaying relevant advertisements on and off the website. By considering user interests and preferences, cookies help deliver targeted advertising campaigns. 

It is important to note that both first-party and third-party cookies may be utilized. First-party cookies are generated and employed by, while third-party cookies originate from external entities and bring supplementary functionalities and services. These cookies originate from diverse sources, including Google Analytics, which enables statistical analysis of website usage, and Google Ads, which delivers personalized advertisements aligned with your preferences and activities. By harnessing the capabilities of these third-party cookies, the website endeavors to deliver an optimized browsing experience that caters to your unique needs. 

Expiration of cookies 

The duration of cookie storage on the website varies based on their type. The lifetime of a cookie may be determined and specified by the site's developers in the relevant settings. 

Two primary types of cookies are employed: 

  • Session Cookies: These cookies are temporarily stored on the user's device during the browsing session with the website. Once the browser is closed, session cookies are automatically deleted. They primarily serve the purpose of storing temporary information, such as the user's search options on the site. 
  • Persistent Cookies: Unlike session cookies, persistent cookies remain on the user's computer for a longer period, as defined in the settings. These cookies retain user preferences and facilitate personalized advertising on the website. They can persist for several days, weeks, months, or even years. 

It is worth mentioning that the lifespan of cookies may also depend on the user's browser settings. If the automatic deletion of cookies is enabled upon browser closure, session cookies will be deleted, while persistent cookies will adhere to the time specified in the settings. 

The expiration date of cookies is not solely determined by but can also be influenced by third-party sites used for advertising or analytics purposes. In such cases, the duration of the cookie is determined by the settings of these third-party sites. 

Managing cookies 

Users have control over cookie usage through their browser settings, granting them the ability to prevent storage, delete existing cookies, or selectively enable cookies for specific websites on their computer. However, it is important to note that refusing cookies may result in the loss of certain features or the incorrect functioning of certain aspects of the website. 

Important information 

Data privacy and cookie protection are top priorities for us. The use of cookies on our website complies with relevant laws and regulations governing the processing of personal data. The website takes appropriate encryption and security measures to ensure the security of user data, including any information collected through the use of cookies. However, regularly updating antivirus software is recommended to enhance online security.